Are you Prepared for the JLPT N5 Vocabulary and Kanji?

Are you taking the JLPT N5 or JLPT N4 exam this year? If so then you should be getting yourself very acquainted with all the JLPT N5 Vocabulary and kanji as well as those for the JLPT N4. As the Japanese proverbs say, if you are full prepared you will have no need to worry.



Sonae areba urei nashi

Translation: If you’re fully prepared, you need not worry.

sonae areba urei nashi jlpt wall chart

Even though there is no formal list, it is very important to learn all the kanji and vocabulary listed for the level of the JLPT you are taking.  While no list can be 100% correct, they do provide a very good guideline for you to follow.

We recommend the JLPT Wall Chart to help you in mastering the content for the exam. In fact it is the best way to effectively memorize and review all the kanji and vocabulary for both the JLPT N5 and JLPT N4.

Again,being prepared will allow you to be more relaxed on exam day and gives you a better chance of doing well on the exam. After all the passing rate for the JLPT is not so high so why not do all you can to increase your chances.


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