Asking for a Favor in Japanese

Learn the best expressions to use when asking for a favor in Japanese.

The phrases we are going learn today are convenient for everyday situations where you need someone’s help.

These phrases will help you to sound polite when asking for a favor in Japanese.
Memorize these phrases so you can use them in a pinch.

A popular way to ask for a favor is:

I have a favour I would like to ask you?

あの。。。shows your hesitation to ask, and makes the request seems less sudden and more humble.

が。。。at the end, makes it less direct. You would pause and the person would then ask the details of the favour.

asking for a favor in Japan

Another way to ask for a favor in Japanese is to use

a.  V+て  + くれませんか
b.  V+て  +  いただきたいんですか

A. V+て  + くれませんか (less formal)

→ Can you do me a favor by doing something? / Will you do something for me?

Can you lend me your book please?

B.  V+て  +  いただきたいんですか (formal)

→ Would you mind doing  me a favor by doing something? / Would you do something for me?

Would you mind lending me your book please?how to ask for a favor in Japanese

If the person agrees you can say;



So I have a favor to ask you, could you leave a comment please.



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