Do you Like Sushi? Sushi contest 2013

Do you like sushi? I think fresh, delicious sushi is great brain food if you are studying to pass the JLPT.

In the Sushi Roll Championship held this year, five Japanese restaurants in the United Kingdom battled to see whose unique sushi would be the people’s favourite.

This year’s proud winner was Chef Yoshiro Motohashi who created a delicious sushi he called “Tokyo Special Roll”.

This colourful roll was inspired by the lively city of Tokyo. In the middle of the roll their is eel, shrimp and avocado, over that is a layer of perfectly cooked sushi rice. The outside is wrapped with seared salmon and topped with fish eggs and tiny bit of wasabi to give it a little spice.





Here are the sushi designed by the other four chefs in the competition.

Sea Bass Maki with Crispy and Spicy Twistby Chef Dariusz Burdzinski

Samurai by Chef Tomokazu Matsuya

Wagyu (Japanese) Beef Teriyaki Roll by Chef Sadayuki Okamoto

Emperor’s Feast by Chef Sandy Beltran

Aren’t these delicious?

Share with me, do you like sushi?  What is your favourite sushi?

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de ha mata ne!



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