Effective JLPT N5 Study Tips – Tip # 2

JLPT N5 Study Tips to help you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

In part two of the ‘How to Pass the  JLPT N5’ series, we will look at a very useful strategy that will help you to answer questions at the right speed on exam day.  If you missed part one of this series click here.

Tip #2. Time Yourself

Timing is important when taking the JLPT N5 exam.  The kanji, reading, and listening sections of the exam are treated as separate tests and are allotted their own time limit.

What this means is that if you finish your strongest section quickly you cannot transfer the time you saved to another section of the test.  Conversely, if one section took you a lot of time you cannot make up that time in another section.  Not completing a section means therefore that you have lost points that you cannot redeem and may end up not passing the JLPT.

Running out of time means you are taking too long to answer some or all the questions.  This is usually because you have not mastered the JLPT N5 material so you spend a lot of time thinking about the question.

Not being sure, second guessing and changing your answers often, are signs that you did not spend enough time preparing for the section of the exam (kanji, reading, listening) you are having trouble with.

How does this affect your studies?  When you are doing sample questions you should time yourself to see if you are able to answer within a similar amount of time that will be allotted on the real exam.

If you are exceeding the time limit in your studies at home it means that you will run out of time on exam day.  If you find this out early enough you can practice until you are answering sample questions at a speed that is quick enough to ensure that you can complete each section of the exam within the time allotted.  This will increase your chances of passing the JLPT N5.

Please stay tuned for part 3.

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