You too could be mastering the JLPT N5 kanji and vocabulary in no time!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about using the JLPT Wall Chart.

“My chart came quickly thank you. I put it on the wall, but I prefer to use it folded, I study better that way I think”….  (Oct. 2012)
A. Williams, Texas
“No joke this chart was awesome! I hate to study and this chart basically saved my a**. I just kept using it to drill the vocab and kanji over and over again. I took the exam this past Sunday so I haven’t gotten my scores yet but I am sure I nailed it. I’m definitely getting the N4 chart”… (June 2013)
C. McIntosh, CA, USA
“Thank you I like the chart very much. I am using it to review as much as I can before the exam”…(May 2013)
L. Simms, Portland, USA
“I got my chart, Thank you. It’s very convenient, I’ve been using it on the bus on the way to work. Will you have level3?”  …( 2013)
E. Mendez, New York, USA…
“The chart makes it quite easy for me to study. It pretty much stays in my backpack and I use it in between classes to catch up on the things I need to memorize. I would recommend the chart to friends”… (April 2013)
Mark Graham, Vancouver
“The paper is not thin but it won’t last forever, mine has worn out along the crease. I have protected the rest of the creases with clear tape. I put it in my gym bag and study for 30 minutes when I am on the treadmill…”
H. Russell, U.K
“Good as English and Japanese study everyday…”
H. Shi Hong、Beijing