End of Year and Happy New Year in Japanese: Greetings

挨拶 :あいさつ: Greeting

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Happy New Year in Japanese

Have you ever wondered how to say Happy New Year in Japanese? Here are some useful Japanese phrases  to get you started.

A. At the end of the year:

Casual: よいお年を – よいおとしを。

Formal: よいお年をお迎えください – よいおとしをむかえてください。

I hope you have a good new year.
This can only be used  until Dec 31st before the new year starts.


B. At the start of the  year:

(casual) 明けましておめでとう  – あけましておめでとう。

(formal) 明けましておめでとうございます。

Happy New Year. This can be used from Jan. 1st to around Jan 6th .


C. Other expressions

 1.  I look forward to your continued support this year.
This expression can be used with your Japanese teachers, friends and work colleagues. It is often said right after the new year greeting.

(casual) 今年もよろしく – ことしもよろしく
(formal) 今年もよろしくお願いします – ことしもよろしくおねがいします
how to say happy new year in japanese

2.  Same here/ Same to you

This is the usual  reply kotoshi mo yoroshiku。


Let’s learn a lot of Japanese next year.


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