How to say I have a headache in Japanese

Have you ever felt your head pounding but didn’t know how to say I have a headache in Japanese?

Let’s take a look the most common expressions used in daily conversation.

1. 頭が痛いです

atama ga itai desu

2. 頭が痛いな

atama ga itai na

3. 頭が痛いんです

atama ga itain desu

4. 頭痛がします

zutsu ga shimasu

5. 頭痛がする

zutsu ga suru

When the pain is very bad here is another expression you can use.

6. 頭がずきずきする

atama ga zukizuki suru

My head is throbbing.

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1. 頭がずきずきする, atama ga zukizuki suru , My head is throbbing.  Tweet this

2. 頭が痛いな, atama ga itai na, I have a headache. Tweet this

Well as you can see there are many expressions to choose from if you ever feel the need to tell someone that you have a headache in Japanese.



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