How to Pass the JLPT N5 – Tip # 1

This is the first of five tips on how to pass the JLPT N5 exam. For other readers, these same strategies can be applied to the JLPT N4 level and above.  So let’s begin.

Tip # 1: Know the curriculum

Keep an easy to use resource that allows you to see all the JLPT N5 vocabulary and JLPT N5 kanji you need to know for the exam. The JLPT Wall Chart is an excellent way to do this as it has all the JLPT N5 kanji and vocabulary listed with their English meanings in an easy to study format. In addition to this you should also have a resource for the grammar points too.

Keep check of the items you have already mastered and work on those that you need to improve on. Your mindset should be to master the entire curriculum for the exam so there will be no hesitation to choose the right answer on exam day.

Master the curriculum by constantly reviewing even as you learning new words or kanji. The more you review the easier it will be for you to accurately recall what you have learned. This will give you immense confidence of exam day.

On exam day, the students who are nervous to the point that there performance is affected are usually the ones who breezed through the JLPT N5 curriculum and have not invested the time to review the material repeatedly.

Study hard until next time. Sayonara!

TIP # How to Pass the JLPT # 2 – Study Tips

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