How to Say Long Time no See in Japanese

Konnichi wa

Today we are going to study a very useful and convenient phrase so you can learn how to say Long Time no See in Japanese.

久しぶり is a greeting that is used to replace konnichi wa when you meet someone you have not seen for a long time. When used as a greeting it is has the same meaning as the English phrase “Long time no see”. It is usually followed by 元気ですか(genki desu ka ・ how have you been doing?)

Long time no see in Japanese


Hisashi  (久し振り ) is also used when you haven’t done something for a long time.
In this case the word ni (に)is usually attached to  hisashiburi.

For example:
(hisashiburi ni nihongo o benkyo shimashita)
I studied Japanese after a long time.


It might feel natural to try to say:
Hisashiburi ni nihongo wo benkyo shimasen deshita.

However hisashiburi cannot be used with a negative verb.
In this case a better way would be:
nagai aida/saikin / shibaraku nihongo o benkyo shimasen deshita
I haven’t studied Japanese for a long time.

Now that you know how to say Long Time no See in Japanese please use it when you get the chance.

De wa mata ne!



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