Japanese Proverbs: Fair Weather Friends

It is fun to learn Japanese proverbs so take a look a this one.


Kannan-ni atte hajimete shinyū-wo shiru.

  • Translation: you know who your real friends are when you are having hard times.
  • Meaning:   real friends are there to help you when when things are not going so well.
  • When things are good many people will claim to be your friend, these people are usually called ‘fair weather friends’.
  • fair weather friendsSimilar English Proverb: “Beware of fair weather friends”. Fair weather friends are people who stay around when things are good but disappear when you are having a rough time. In times of trouble or when you need help only your real friends will stick around. (幸せなときは親友だといっていたのに、困難な状況になったとたん去っていく人もいる).

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艱難にあって初めて真友を知る. Hard times let you know who your true friends are. Tweet this

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