Japanese Trends: Men Who Wax Their Eyebrows

There are many Japanese trends that come and go, but this one trend has been around for many, many years.

Newcomers to Japan may be surprised that some high school and college boys have well-manicured eyebrows.  Here it is a popular trend and not the least bit “gay” as would be the assumption in the West.

In recent years this “眉毛(まゆげ)お手入れ(おていれ) – eyebrow grooming” has become even more popular with a wide range of tools and services now available to help men keep their eyebrows in tip-top shape.

What do Japanese women think:

  •   男性(だんせい)眉毛(まゆげ)はチェックポイント。
    The eyebrows are one way to tell if a guy cares out being clean or not.
  •   手入れしていない眉毛をひと目で見抜き(みぬき)ますよ.
    You can tell a lot about a guy in one glance if his eyebrows are not properly groomed.

Where do men go to get their eyebrows done?
FIRST, which opened over seven years ago, is the first salon in Japan that specializes in grooming men’s eyebrows. Their customers range from teenagers to men in their eighties.  Most of their  customers visit the salon once a month to have the stylist wax their eyebrows.

Japan FIRST men's eyebrow salon

So according to Salon  FRST, what is the trend for men’s eyebrows this year?

Bringing the eyebrows and the eyes close together

Readings for Kanji (漢字の読み方)目-め,  眉毛ーまゆげ,  近づける – ちかづける

The look that is considered cool is to wax the upper part of the eyebrows, and leave as much of the bottom as possible.  This makes the face look chiseled and gives a three dimensional look to the face.

How much do men pay to groom themselves?

 アイブロウ : お顔のパーツや輪郭などから、最もお似合いの眉に整える。(約60分) Shape your eyebrows in a way that flatters you most (approx.. 60 minutes) 5,775円 ($58)
ネイルケア(キューティクルケア)(trim and clean cuticles) 2,940円 ($30)
ハンドケア (nail cure) 4,200円 ($42)

Minna-san, what do you think about this Japanese trend?

If you are a guy would you or do you get your eyebrows waxed and groomed?

I am looking forward to reading your comments (皆さんのコメントを楽しみにしています)


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