JLPT N4 vocabulary – Katakana words

In Japanese, foreign words are usually written using katakana. Many katakana words are based on English words and therefore they are easy to learn if you need to prepare for the JLPT N5 or JLPT N4. Here is a list of katakana words many of them are apart of the JLPT N4 vocabulary and are frequently used. How many of these words do you already know?

  1. レストラン resutoran (restaurant)
  2. ベーカリー beekarii (bakery)
  3. アパートapaato (apartment)
  4. バス basu (bus)
  5. ランプ ranpu (lamp)
  6. テーブル teeburu (table)
  7. DVDプレーヤー DVD pureeyaa (DVD player)
  8. コート kooto (coat)
  9. ドレスduresu (dress)
  10. ブラウスburausu (blouse)
  11. サングラスsangurasu (sunglasses)
  12. パーティpaachii (party)
  13. 13. インターネットintaanetto (internet
  14. ジュウス juusu (juice)
  15. バスケットボールbasukettobooru (basketball).
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