JLPT N5 Vocabulary – (毎 - mai)

Here are some expressions using まい (mai -every/each) to help you study for the JLPT N5. These sample sentences will help you with both the JLPT N5 vocabulary and kanji sections.


毎回–maikai – each time 

  • · 毎回同じやり方をする

mai kai onaji yarikata o suru

Do things the same way each time

毎晩– maiban – everynight 

  • ·  毎晩日本語を勉強しますmai-every-each kanjiwallchart.com

maiban nihongo o benkyou shimasu

I study Japanese every night.


毎朝– maiasa- every morning

  • · 毎朝新聞を読んでいます

maiasa shinbun o yonde imasu

I read the newspaper every morning.


毎月– maitsuki- every month

  • · 毎月一回学校に行きます

maitsuki ikkai gakkou ni ikimasuto wake up in japanese

I go to school once every month.


毎日– mainichi- everyday

  • ·毎日1時間日本語を勉強します

Mainichi ichi jikan nihongo wo benkyou shimasu.

I study Japanese one hour everyday

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