Love Language: Vocabulary for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon→ time for presents and flowers and to learn some vocabulary for Valentines Day.
People with also be giving and receiving chocolate (チョコレット)to their romantic partner.

Just in case you want to dabble in a Japanese romance here are some words and expressions that may help you.

彼氏 (kareshi) boyfriend
彼女 (kanojo) girlfriend
恋人 (koibito): romantic partner

愛人 (aijin):  lover (usually where one person is married)
私の彼氏:my boyfriend
彼女/恋人いますか: Do you have a girlfriend・romantic partner?


一目ぼれ:love at first sight

How to say love at first sight in japanese


付き合う (tsukiau) ・交際する (kousai suru)
to become boyfriend and girlfriend, to date someone

kareshi to tsukiau no ha itsu kara desu ka
When did you start dating your boyfriend?


キスする (kisu suru): to kiss

Valentines day vocabulary in Japanese


別れる (wakareru): to break up
元彼氏 (motokareshi): ex-boyfriend
元彼女 (motokanojo): ex-girlfriend 

Sankagetsu mae ni moto no kanojo to wakaremashita.
I broke up with my ex-girlfriend 3 months ago.


失恋 (shitsuren): failed relationship
片想い (kataomoi) one-sided love
両想い (ryouomoi) reciprocated love

Learn How to say heartbreak in Japanese

Use these Japanese vocabulary for Valentines Day to talk about your love relationship.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Japan? Find out the surprising answer in this blog post.

Good luck with love!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you on February 14!


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