McDonald’s Most Expensive Burger Ever Was Sold in Japan

Two thick slices of bacon, brioche bread mushrooms and truffle sauce, vocado and chorizo toppings. These are some of the prime ingredients in McDonald’s most expensive burgers that they have ever sold.

The “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” line of luxury burgers was released only in Japan. The line consisted of three burgers: Quarter Pounder Ruby Spark, Quarter Pounder Black Diamond, and the Quarter Pounder Gold Ring. The burgers were sold in limited quantities, and on only three days (one day per week for three weeks).

As the promotion name jewelry suggests, the burgers were served in a special box to resemble a jewel and was sold for 1000 yen per burger (roughly $10USD). A combo meal for 1200yen ($12 USD) was also offered and included medium fries and a medium drink. Compared to their regular value meals, this truly was Mcdonald’s most expensive burger.

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