Sakura Cherry Blossom Trees

We are almost in cherry blossom viewing season. Sakura is actually the flower of Japan. Sakura cherry blossoms are very beautiful in Japan so I am looking forward to it. When cherry blossoms are blooming, many people sit under the trees and have picnics with lots of food, sake and beer. This style of picnic is called hanami. Hanami parties are held both in the day from around midday as well as in the night. It is a lot of fun. In this lesson I will share some words that sound close to hanami.

Similar words ① 花見 ② 花火 ③ 鼻毛 → ① hanami ② hanabi ③ hanage → ① cherry-blossom viewing ② fireworks ③ nose hair

Vocabulary: 語彙(ごい)

hanami partyそろそろ:soro – soon
花見:Hanami – cherry blossom viewing

桜:sakura – cherry blossom trees

きれい:kirei – beautiful

楽しむ・たのしむ:tanoshimu –to enjoy

近い:ちかい:chikai – close

言葉:ことば:kotoba – words

紹介:しょうかい:shoukai – introduce


Jibun no kuni de ha Sakura o mita koto ga arimasu ka.

Have you ever seen cherry blossom trees in your country (or when you travel overseas)?
Share with us below.

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