Which Level of the JLPT Should I Take? 4 Tips to Help You Decide

Some people dream of passing the JLPT N1, it is like a bright shining star. Others are praying to make it through the JLPT N5, while others find themselves retaking the JLPT N3 several times. The big question on every body’s mind is, which level of the JLPT should I take? This is a problem for both beginners and more advanced students who have taken the exam before. Here is a a list of suggestions and things to think about before making the big decision.

  1. Do not decide your level for the exam too soon. Some people decide which level of the JLPT to take too far in advance only to find that they have improved dramatically and the level they registered for is too easy. Others register for a higher level and then the dog dies, the cat runs away, they get a part-time job and they end up not studying as much as they thought they would. Turns out they would have passed if they had registered for a lower level. The safest time to decide which level to take is four to three months before the exam.
  1. Take a mock test right before you register. At least three full months before the exam take a mock test to determine your level. If you score above 60% on the mock test then you are better off taking the next higher level of the JLPT. Even if you don’t pass, you will learn a whole lot more studying for the next level than spending 3 months to get a 15% increase in your score. If you score anywhere between 40 and 59% on the mock test it means that you have a good start and that after 3 more months of study you will be able to safely pass the same level exam as your mock test.
  1. Consider how much time you can devote to studying for the test. Even the JLPT N5 requires quite a bit of time to prepare for. If you know you will not have time to study then there is no point in aiming for a higher level even if you score above 60% on a mock exam. The little time you have should be used to perfect what you know so as to guarantee a passing score. This is particularly important if you have a deadline by which you must have a JLPT certificate. If you have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to studying then by all means aim high.
  1. Do not use your study hours to judge your level. The Japan Foundation that administers the tests has suggested the minimum number of study hours required in order to pass each level of the test. You already know this, but not all study hours are equal. Our study hours more than likely include breaks for social media, to chat with friends, daydreaming, or to go to the fridge to get snacks. Added to that, we all learn at a different pace. You get the point. There are too many variables at play to use study hours to determine which level of the JLPT to take.

In closing, the best way to determine which level of the JLPT to take is to do a mock test approximately three to four months before the exam date. With the results in hand you then decide your level based on how much time you can invest in studying and improving your score over the coming months.

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